Oxford City football club to accept bitcoin for match tickets

Among the latest crypto news, English football club Oxford City has approved bitcoin for the sale and purchase of match tickets.

In the details, Oxford City Football Club has approved Bitcoin for match tickets

This is the first time for the English Football League in the sixth tier that the sale of match tickets in exchange for Bitcoin is accepted

The club will wear the BTC logo on its shirts

Fans will be able to purchase tickets with Bitcoin via the Lightning Network.

Bitcoin adoption in the UK

The adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) payments in the UK has led Oxford City Football Club to look forward to

Becomes the first NFL club to accept match ticket payments in Bitcoin

When the season begins on August 6, fans will be able to purchase tickets, food and drink at the Oxford RAW Charging Stadium.

Using Bitcoin all day long via the Lightning Network.

While older payment methods such as cash and card are still accepted

But Oxford City Club’s acceptance of Bitcoin for match tickets is unique.

Oxford City Football Club (OCFC) currently plays in the English Football League’s sixth tier, the Southern National League.

The club has also entered into a multi-year partnership with Coin Corner, a Bitcoin company based in the Isle of Man.

Coin Corner will be the sponsor of the club and has issued a limited edition Oxford City FC Bolt Card to celebrate the occasion.

Bitcoin logo after Oxford City Football Club accepts Bitcoin for match tickets

As it is known locally, the BTC logo will be placed on the back of match day shirts as part of the partnership between CoinCorner and the team.

CoinCorner is also the official sponsor of the Oxford City FC (OCFC) Opening Match on August 6.

On the same day, Peter McCormack’s Real Bedford Football Club will accept bitcoin for match tickets.

However, Bedford plays in the domestic lower league, the Spartan South Midlands League.

As Coin Corner CEO Danny Scott explained, the OCFC is “the first to adopt Bitcoin payments in the National League.”

Scott continued:

“We believe this move will set a trend across divisions outside the League and Football League

as the digital currency establishes itself as the new normal for sports fans and event-goers across the UK.”

Bitcoin lawyer and founder of OxBit – Oxford Bitcoin Meet – explained to Cointelegraph how the deal came about:

In December 2022, the OCFC hosted the Bitcoin Ballers Winter Cup Festival – a Bitcoin-centric football day.

Since then, OxBit has hosted various meetups on the club grounds, and Carbon continues to advocate for Bitcoin adoption across the city.

After Oxford City Football Club accepted bitcoin for match tickets

Carbon was able to manage a relationship with the football club’s new commercial director.

He participated in many informal discussions about community participation and assistance through events and education.

A three-way call was also arranged and things took off from there once the football club understood and could see the impact that CoinCorner could have in terms of Bitcoin education and adoption.

At the club, Oxford City Football Club Director Justin Merritt explained:

“More than 3.3 million people living in the UK now own bitcoin – an increase of nearly 1 million in the last year alone.”

Coinbase Reports

Coin Telegraph reported in June 2021 that according to the FCA report, as many as 2.3 million Britons own BTC.

While a Coinbase report increased this number to as many as a third of Britons who are curious about cryptocurrency.

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