How to Solve Chess Plug Puzzle in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Players of the Resident Evil 2 Remake are facing a bit of intricacy in accomplishing the Raccoon City’s Chess Plug Puzzle.

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Players of the Resident Evil 2 Remake are facing a bit of intricacy in accomplishing the Raccoon City’s Chess Plug Puzzle.

The puzzle requires the player to locate three chess pieces in sewers, and this chess piece will help the players to execute an escape from the sewer. However, it seems pretty straightforward, but locating these chess pieces is pretty intricate.

The three puzzle pieces are comprised of Queen, Rook, and the King, and players need to combine all these pieces to plant an escape.

Below we have prepared a workaround which includes the locations of these pieces to provide an ease to this puzzle task. Make sure that you read every bit of the workaround carefully to avoid mistakes.

Find Puzzle Piece for King and Queen

It’s pretty cozy for the players that two pieces out of three are lying together.

The King and the Queen are hidden inside the sewer’s storage facility, which is located in the middle section of the sewer.

Although it is a tough task to visit the storage facility, it can be easily accomplished by following this route.

The route begins by crossing the bridge, which is situated at the exterior part of the power vault.

After players succeed in crossing the bridge, then they need to locate and pick the Tool Item. The Tool Item is the most necessary prerequisite for collecting pieces because it is the only that can grant you access to the vaults.

After players attain the Tool Item, they need to move to the gate, which has the sign of Exit alongside glowing in red.

Players need to enter into the door, and then they need to take the stairs. The stairs will take them to Guard Rail, which is circular.

After this, players need to enter that door and take a slight left towards the metal gate, which is locked.

Players need to use the Tool Item to unlock the metal door, and then they need to locate a metal desk inside that room.

Players will locate a key on the metal desk, and then they require to pick it up.

Now, players need to go down through the ladder, which is lying on the other side of the desk. Players will reach to the Waterway, and it will guide you straight towards storage facility.

Players will encounter dangerous monsters inside the Waterway, and it is recommended to avoid them as much as you can.

If ignoring them isn’t possible, then don’t hesitate to kill them. Now, after you surpass the Waterway, you will surely get to the entry of the Storage Facility.

Once players enter into the Storage facility, then they need to locate the queen piece plug below the stairs.

Players need to input this plug-in into the panel, which is labeled by the queen piece plug.

they will also locate the King Plug from a similar panel, and once they touch it, the gate will shut automatically.

those will encounter an opening of a Guard Rail passage, and they require to enter it

. Players will locate a Zombie inside that passage; they need to beat it. After that, players need to head to the Inventory, and inside it, they will locate a flamethrower.

Beneath the flamethrower, players will locate a plugin slot, and inside that slot, they need to insert the king piece.

Find Puzzle Piece for Rook

Once the players input the queen and the king plugs inside the slot, they will encounter a door with an exit sign on it.

Players need to enter in that vault which will take them to the circular room.

The circular room requires the player to unlock it before entering into it.

Players need to use their Tool Item to get access to that room. After that, players will locate a way to the lobby once they entered that room.

The lobby has an elevator that will take the player to the workroom. Inside the workroom, players will find the last chess piece, aka Rook piece.

Players need to pick that piece and get back to the similar power room where they have inserted the King and the Queen pieces.

Once they input the piece of Rook in the required slot soon after that, they will accomplish this mission.

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