How to get High Power Mode on M1 Max Processor

How to get High Power Mode on M1 Max Processor

The M1 Max is a fast chip, to say the least. However, when getting the device, you are not getting the device at its full power.

Instead, by default, it is on an Optimised mode. You may use the high power mode when editing 8K videos. Here’s how to get the maximum performance from your M1 Max processor.

How to do it

  1. Click on the Apple menu
  2. Click System Preferences
  3. Click Battery
  4. Click Battery or Power Adapter
  5. Choose High Power Mode from the Energy Mode pop-up menu

You’re done! You should note that the battery will run out faster, and the Macbook fans will be more noticeable. You can see if the mode is on by clicking the battery icon in the menu bar, and checking if it says High Power Mode: On. If it does not appear, your Macbook M1 Max is in the Optimised mode.


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