How to Fix Problems with Google Cloud Print Through Chromebook

Chromebook tablets and laptops are one of the most used devices all over the globe.

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Chromebook tablets and laptops are one of the most used devices all over the globe. It equips various trendy features like communicating with particular cloud-ready printers via Wi-Fi connectivity. However, in some instances, it fails to establish strong communication with printers. Various troubleshooting steps may help you in fixing the issue when your Chromebook fails to connect with cloud-ready printers.

How to Fix Problems with Google Cloud Print Through Chromebook-

Follow these steps to fix the issue with your Chromebook when it fails to communicate with cloud-ready printers:

Checking Wi-Fi Connectivity

First of all, check if your Wi-Fi is working or not.

Secondly, in case your Wi-Fi fails to connect with the server, then turn the Wi-Fi off and then switch it on.

Then, recheck your internet connection via Wi-Fi. If it again fails, then forget your Wi-Fi network and refresh it.

After that, Login again to connect to the server manually.

Restarting the Router

If the Wi-Fi method fails in troubleshooting the issue, then try restarting your connection router. To restart the router, you should follow these simple and easy to use steps:

First, tap and press the power button present at the back of your router.

Then, wait for a while for nearly 10 seconds.

Next, turn the router to On.

Setting Up the Printer

There are two versions of systems:

V1 Tag – It means the printer is 1.0 edition.

V2 Tag – It means that your system is 2.0 edition.

In case you have a system that is not a cloud-ready edition, then you might need a PC or Mac to connect to it.

After confirming these things, you should make sure that both the printer and Chromebook are properly switched on and also check that both of them connected with the same network.

Connecting V1 Cloud Ready Printers

First of all, open any of your desired web-browsers on Chromebook.

Then, navigate to the provided list of compatible printers.

After that, select the printer manufacturer’s name.

Then, tap the link associated with the printer’s support site.

Now, follow the onscreen instructions to proceed.

Connecting V2 Cloud Ready Printers

Follow these offered steps to know how to connect a 2.0 edition printer:

Firstly, launch any of the web browsers on your Chromebook.

After that, hit the address bar located at the top portion of your web page and then enter the following keywords: “chrome://devices.”

Then, you have to tap the enter key to proceed.

Next, tap the “New devices” panel and search for the V2 printer.

When you find a cloud-ready printer of 2.0 edition, then hit the “Manage” tab located next to it.

A confirmation dialog box will appear on your screen. Then, you have to verify the command by hitting the register tab.

Now, you have to follow the registration wizard section. You may be asked to confirm the action.

Then, you have to hit the “OK” tab there.

Connecting Non-Cloud Printers

If you are using a non-cloud-ready printer, then you have to connect your printer via PC or Mac computers. Follow these steps to connect non-cloud-ready printers:

Firstly, navigate to the “System Settings” present on your PC.

Then, go to the “Printers” segment.

After that, add your desired printer from the list of available printers. You may use the help of the Mac or Windows support sites.

Now, open Google Chrome.

Tap the address bar to activate and then type:- chrome://devices and then hit the enter key.

Locate the section of the Classic Printer.

After that, tap the “Add Printers” tab here.

Next, search for the section “Printers to register” and choose your desired one, which you wish to share.

Finally, hit the option “Add Printer.”


On Chromebook Laptop

It is always helpful to reboot your device to fix some of the minor issues like removing bugs and viruses etc.

In case, your printer is not responding; then you may follow these steps or rebooting to fix the issue:

Firstly, switch off your device.

After that, tap and hold the Refresh key and power button simultaneously.

Keep the Refresh button pressed and wait until your Chromebook boots successfully.

On Chromebook Tablet

Firstly, tap and hold both the volume and power buttons.

Then, hold both the keys for about ten to fifteen seconds. You may need to hold them longer.

Leave the keys once the tablet boots completely. Some models have particular restart key for quick rebooting while some needs to perform the special rebooting process.

Here is how to sync your documents with Google supported account:

First of all, tap the time located on your home screen.

Now, hit the “Settings” tab located at the lowermost portion of your menu.

After that, navigate to the “People” section here.

Then, choose the Sync button.

Now, hit the “Sync Everything” option there to synchronize all the files, folders, and valuable data.

In case you wish to apply additional security to your synced files, then you have to tap the “Encryption Options” and set a password for your synced data and documents.

Performing Factory Reset

If you want to apply the factory reset, then follow these offered steps:

Firstly, Log in to the Chromebook.

After that, hit the time located at the lowermost portion of your Chromebook’s window.

Then, hit the “Settings” option. It will be available at the lowermost part under the pop-out listing.

Now, select the “Advanced” option there.

Next, hit the “Reset Settings” option tab.

Then, navigate to the next page and hit the “Powerwash” tab there.

After that, you have to choose the Restart button.

Now, confirm your choice by hitting the “Powerwash’ option once more. It will appear through the pop-out box.

After that, hit the continue tab.

Once the factory reset completes, then you have to Login to your particular “Google Account.”

After that, follow the onscreen instructions.

Now, try to connect your printer.

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