how to change the mcafee true key master password

The True Key Master password offers access to all the essential details and passwords saved in the True key application.

In case you don’t remember the Master Password, then you get ‘locked out’ from the True key.
If you want to know the steps to change the McAfee True key Master Password, then follow the steps mentioned below.

Here’s how to change the McAfee True Key Master Password

· Start using the Forgot Master Password button for changing the current password.
·  You can do this in case you have not turned on the Master Password Reset feature by going to the Profile Preferences of the True Key.
· You need to turn on this option.
· Change the Master Password only by using the Trusted Device.
· The device you are currently using is only trusted in case you have included it as the Trusted device to the profile of the True key.
· You should have the updated version of the True key internet browser extensions which you have already installed on your Windows and Mac computer.
· You can change the Master Password through the internet browser.
· Start downloading the updated internet browser extensions by clicking on the
· Press on the Download option.

Here are some of the solutions you need to do if you are getting the following errors on your screen:

· If you are getting the Hmmm, that link didn’t work.
Please go back and request a new link, then click on the Back option and after that you need to do this procedure once again.
· If you are facing “Something went wrong. Please request a new link,” then click on the OK button and begin this procedure once again.
· In case you are receiving “Sorry, that link expired. Please go back and request a new link error on the screen,” press on Reset my password link. Click on the Back option and begin this procedure once again.
· If you are getting “Use a Trusted Device. You can only reset your Master Password from a device you’ve set as a trusted error,” then click on the OK button.
· In case you are facing “That link didn’t work because this feature is currently not available.
Please try later error again,” you need to wait for a few hours. After that, try this procedure once again.
· If you are getting this error: Sorry, you tried too many times. For your security, we locked your password reset for 24 hours. Please try again later, then click OK.
· When you get this error: Sorry that link didn’t work because the app was closed.
Please request a new link, then leave this open app error occurs, press on the Ok button.

Steps for exporting the True Key data

  • Log in to the True Key on the computer or Mac.
  • Press on the settings cog.
  • It is located on the upper right-hand side of the screen.
  • Press on the App Settings tab, press on the Export option given near to the Export Data.
  • Go through the essential text which is related to exporting the profile data.
  • After that, press on the Continue option.
  • Enter the Master Password on the given column.
  • Press on the Unlock option.
  • Now, the profile data will start exporting the files, which are named as truekey-export.csv.
  • It gets stored in the Downloads file.

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