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Today we are going to learn about the best free cloud storage services that you can use to keep your files online without fear of losing them.


Microsoft OneDrive offers 5GB of free storage for new users
But if you sign up for any Microsoft 365 VIP subscription, you will get 1TB to use
It is fully encrypted and can keep files in sync across multiple computers.


Dropbox is one of the best free storage services that helps you share files with others easily.

Dropbox Basic is free and gives you 2GB of storage, although you can get additional space by completing simple tasks like:

Add other people.
Set up photo sync using the mobile app.
While the free version only lets you sync up to three devices, you can sign up for Dropbox Plus ($9.99 per month) to get 2TB of storage and sync unlimited devices.

cloud storage
Google Drive

Google Drive is available once you have a Gmail account, the program offers 15 GB of free storage space.

It is a very necessary program even if you have other applications such as Dropbox.
However, it has some major drawbacks, including:
The paid versions are not as cost effective as other services, so if you need to expand beyond 15 GB
Subscription fees start at $19.99 per year for 100 GB and go up to $99.99 per year for 2 TB.


It is a largely unknown program unlike some other cloud storage options. The app provides free storage space of up to 5 GB upon registration. It also provides:

Its sharing and collaboration features so you can easily create a storage schema for other team members and use it to develop productive workflows.
It gives you a full gigabyte of additional storage for every additional user you add.
And if you need more storage, all you have to do is sign up for the VIP benefit, which starts with 2TB of storage for $96 per year.


pCloud gives new users 10 GB of free storage when they sign up for the basic service.
And unlike the rest of the software, it offers a “lifetime” subscription option if you want to upgrade. where you can:
Get 500GB for a one-time payment of $500.
Or 2TB for $980.
In addition to syncing files across your electronic devices, pCloud also gives you tools for sharing, collaboration, and end-to-end encryption to improve security.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is very similar to Google Drive in that once you have an Amazon account you are automatically given 5GB of free storage. But the difference is that:

Amazon Basic Drive shares the same 5GB with Amazon Photos, while Amazon Prime users get unlimited photo storage
Plus 5GB.
The tools for syncing desktop files with Amazon Drive are somewhat limited.
So if you need more storage, you can upgrade to 100GB for $19.99/year or go up to 2TB for $119.98/year.


Mega includes a large free storage of 20 GB for new accounts on the site, and you can increase the storage space by completing various tasks.

Mega offers additional storage incentives, too. There are a large number of upgrade options which are:

400 GB for $68 per year.
Or 16 TB for $409 a year.
Whether you are a VIP subscriber or using the free version, you have the same features:
Comprehensive encryption.
Sync files.
Backup (You can use it as an online backup solution complete with file version).
Secure connection.

There are many storage services on the Internet that help you store your files without fear of losing them or accidentally deleting them. We have shown you some of these services that you may prefer to use over your computer’s hard drive.

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